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Here's what you can look forward to with an Artifact NFT from Camel Clans:

  • Make bank without lifting a hoof: 50% of all royalties from Twin Realm Studios Collections flows into the 'Sandstorm' Wallet, and 70% of that cash shower is reserved exclusively for Artifact owners.

  • Unwrap the mystery: There are four tiers to choose from:
    Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Grail. With each tier having a smaller supply than the last, you'll be scoring big time with the rarer tiers.

  • Share the wealth: Each tier gets 25% of the pool, and rewards are distributed in proportion to the number of NFTs available in that tier. So get ready to scoop up some sweet, sweet dividends.

  • Get paid in cold, hard ETH: Who wants boring old fiat money when you can get paid in the sweetest crypto around?

  • Trade like a boss: Want to cash in your NFT for some juicy profits? Go ahead and sell or trade your Artifact NFT on Opensea.


Camel Clans Artifacts - the ultimate reward for our ride-or-die NFT collectors! These bad boys will earn you a cut of the royalties from not just Camel Clans, but ALL future collections from Twin Realm Studios. Talk about a sweet deal, right?

These artifacts are like the secret sauce that brings the Camel Clans' ecosystem to life. In order to activate its power, you need to be holding a Camel from the Camel Clans Collection. It's like a key to unlocking a whole new world of adventure and opportunity!

Artifacts are minted with our native token, soon to be relaunched as CC Cash. By burning the tokens used to mint each artifact, we're not only increasing the value of the token itself but also giving the Camel Clans ecosystem a jolt of energy.

And if you ever want to cash in on your Camel Clans Artifact, you can sell it on Opensea with ETH. But let's be real, you'll probably want to hold onto it - these artifacts are gonna be hotter than a camel's back in the desert sun. 


SUPPLY - 500



In the beginning, when the world was hotter than a jalapeño's backside, the Camel Clans raised their snouts to the sky and begged the gods for some help. Lo and behold, the bronze artifacts were plonked down upon the most deserving of clan leaders as gifts of great power.

With only 500 in existence, possessing one of these magical relics means you hold a piece of the desert's power. But beware, for the desert is a fickle mistress and with great power comes great responsibility. Will you be one of the lucky few to find one of these precious relics, or will the sands claim you as yet another victim of its treacherous ways?


SUPPLY - 100



Silver Artifacts are Camel Canyon City's pride and joy. Crafted and forged by the skilled Camel Casters, these bad boys are rarer than a snowman in the Sahara - only 100 exist! They were given to the most influential camels, the big shots: generals, warlords, and holy rollers.

But hold your camels, for these artifacts come with great power and responsibility. Hold one and you'll attract the Sandstorm's attention, bringing you great fortune... and also the weight of the world. They're not for the faint of heart or the weak of will - only the daring and cunning need apply. So, do you feel lucky, camel? It's time to roll the dice and take a chance on Camel Canyon City's ultimate status symbol.

SIlver NFT new .1432.png




Golden Artifacts are the ultimate flex for the elite Camel community. And trust us, they're not handing these out like cactus juice at a desert party. These babies are rarer than a solar eclipse, with only 50 in existence.

But it's not just about the bragging rights.  These royal symbols are like winning the lottery, but instead of cash, you get unimaginable benefits fit for a Camel King or Queen. With their enchanting magic, the Gold Artifacts can summon a quarter of the sandstorm's riches to their possessor.


So, unless you have the regal presence and power of a Pharaoh you might as well stick to your regular ol' hay and water. These artifacts are not for the faint of heart or weak of hoof.

Silver MAIN.png





The 'Grail' Artifacts - feared and revered in equal measure. Only ten were ever created under the watchful eyes of the camel gods themselves. They say the power these artifacts hold is beyond camel understanding, making them the hottest prize in all the scorching sands.

Rumor has it that possessing a Grail Artifact means you've been handpicked by the camel gods, given great power and even greater responsibilities. But beware - this power is not for the weak-willed. The corrupting influence of the Grail has claimed many a camel's soul.

Legends tell of the amazing abilities these artifacts grant and the daunting challenges that come with them. With just ten in existence, finding one makes you a legend. And don't forget the bragging rights - imagine the look on your camel compadres' faces when they see you wielding a Grail Artifact!

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