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  • What blockchain is the project hosted on?
    The Ethereum Blockchain is where our Camels reside
  • How many Camels are taking over the digital dunes?
    10,000 Camels have travelled across the Metaverse to meet in the digital dunes, even the Legendary Camel gods themselves!
  • How can I Join you?
    Join us on our discord and socials! Links in the toolbar menu up top!
  • Can I take a sneak peek at my NFTs?
    The sandstorm hiding the Camels will clear a week after sell out, this will reveal your camels. Will you be lucky enough to mint a God?
  • When will the official Camel Clans Launch take place?
    The official Camel Clans launch will take place on 10/04/2023, with the private sale holders having the opportunity to mint the day prior.
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