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Embark on a daring journey through the digital deserts of Ethereum with our core collection. A long-lost civilization is said to have thrived in the hidden city of Camel Canyon. Discover their epic parties, magic rituals, and legendary gods as you join their quest for a new home in the scorching sands...

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Once lost to time, the ancient Artifacts have resurfaced, ready to bestow their powers upon a new generation. Crafted from rare materials and imbued with the ability to generate passive wealth, these magical idols are highly coveted. Will you be among the lucky few to claim an Artifact before they disappear once again?


The lifeblood of the Camel Clans ecosystem. This mysterious token is the key to unlocking hidden treasures and navigating  the world of Camel Clans to its full potential. Earn rewards, collect artifacts,  unlock the secrets of the desert and much more...

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  • Website 2.0 Launch

  • Marketing Blast - Twitter + Instagram Campaigns

  • Pre-Mint XYZ Raffle

  • Camel Clans Initial Drop ( Limited to 1000 NFTs)

  • 'Secret Project' Commences Development

  • CC Cash Development Commences

  • Marketing continues for the project

  • CC Cash marketing commences

  • Treasure Vault begins development

  • CC Cash marketing push

  • CC Cash - Token Launch

  • Original native token holders airdropped CC Cash 

  • Treasure Vault Integration

  • The "Sandstorm' event commences

  • Camel Clans AMA Tour 2.0

  • Secret Collection - Teaser

  • 2nd wave of Camels Drop (Limited number of NFTs) ( Date TBC)

  • Secret Collection begins development

  • Metaverse Development Begins - A new approach to Camel Canyon City

  • Community Expansion + Events

  • Team Expansion

  • Continued marketing for Camel CLans ecosystem

  • Camel Clans DAO - CC Cheiftens System integration

  • Partnership expansion

  • Camel Clans - 3rd Wave Limited number of NFTs)( Date TBC)

  • New IP under 'Twin Realms Studio' commences

  • Camel Clans Tour - Crypto Networking Events across Australia

  • Secret Collection Update + Features Reveal

  • Metaverse Project Teaser Preview 

  • Camel Clans 4th Wave

  • Secret Collection marketing commences

  • Exchange listings - (TBC)

  • Camel Clans - 4th wave (FInal Drop) Limited number of NFTs) (TBC

Obelisk 2 .1371.png

We've got some big plans that go way beyond 2023, but we can't guarantee that market conditions won't make us move at a sloth's pace. No crystal balls here, but we promise to always put our community first. Here's a sneak peek of what we've got in store:


  • Secret IP 'MMV Launch and Reveal' – Shhh, it's a secret! But trust us, it's worth the wait.

  • Camels Metaverse + Gaming Projects – Get ready to explore Camel Canyon City like never before!

  • Camels IP Expansion – Who knows where you'll find a camel next? We aim to branch out into gaming, film, music, collectibles, and more!

  • Twin Realms Studios: NFT Brand Development Service & Platform – We're not just about our own NFTs,  and envision helping others create awesome projects of their own.

2024 beyond.png

Twin Realms Studio is here to bring the heat to the metaverse and crypto world! We're not just another fly-by-night operation, no siree! We're in this for the long haul, baby!


Sure, the crypto world can be a rollercoaster ride, but we're ready to buckle up and ride it out. We've been around the block, we've seen the ups and downs, and we're not going anywhere. We're here to build something great that will last for the ages.


We've poured our hearts and souls into this project, and it's our pride and joy. We've learned from the successes and failures of other projects, and we're ready to rock the crypto world with our creativity and entertainment prowess.


We've dabbled in other NFT projects, but Camel Clans is our main squeeze, our star player, our MVP. We're not just here to make a quick buck, we're here to make a lasting impact. We're the real deal, folks.


So when the next bull run comes, don't be fooled by those crash grab projects that were slapped together in a hot minute. Choose the brand that's been in the game for years, building an amazing foundation that will stand the test of time.


Art Director/Co-Founder - 
Our 3D wizard with a decade of experience, having worked with Hollywood big-shots and amusement park titans; In 2021,  he rocked the NFT world by smashing records, with his collection being the most expensive ever sold on the Binance Smart-Chain.

Brad Profile.jpg

Buisness Strategist / Co-Founder -
Our blockchain savvy strategist with a knack for predicting trends and slinging code, is a wizard at brewing up big ideas and juicy strategies that hit the market like a fire-breathing dragon.

D wix 2.jpg
Dan wise.png

Project Manger / Co-Founder -
Our  man with the plan - Mitty has been around the crypto block a time or two and has the expertise to prove it. Community building and networking savvy, he's like a digital pied piper leading our project to the crypto promised land.

mitty trs.jpg
ext team.png

Graphic Design / Branding-
Pixarts offers AAA-level graphic design and animation services for the video game industry and is now contributing design and art talent to our projects


Blockchain Partner -
Our powerhouse tech partner that delivers Blockchain solutions with the finesse of a superhero, with years of Ethereum expertise and a team of ex-Amazon and ex-Apple whizzes who have shipped global secure and resilient services, their track record of success is out of this world!

CAMEL 8.png

Marketing Partner -
A super-sized marketing agency from Asia that provides one-stop-shop marketing services for Crypto & NFT projects. They've been behind several high-profile campaigns like WIRTUAL, Cloud Chat, Avania, Fishing Town, AniFi World, EFT, Metfx, and Royal Pa.


Marketing Consultant-
Arvin is the ultimate tech guru who's always on top of the latest trends. With his early entry into the NFT space, he's now one of the few thought leaders and has consulted for over 200 NFT brands and partnered with Reddit, Twitter, and Quora to take the crypto world by storm.

GOLD 5.png
growth hackz.png

Sales/Copywriter -
Our sales and copywriting wordsmith, with a background in big advertising for clients such as RedBull, McDonald's, Hyundai, and Subway - Kerry knows how to sell anything with a story.

CAMEL 1.png
Better Story.png
  • What blockchain is the project hosted on?
    The Ethereum Blockchain is where our Camels reside
  • How many Camels are taking over the digital dunes?
    10,000 Camels have travelled across the Metaverse to meet in the digital dunes, even the Legendary Camel gods themselves!
  • How can I Join you?
    Join us on our discord and socials! Links in the toolbar menu up top!
  • Can I take a sneak peek at my NFTs?
    The sandstorm hiding the Camels will clear a week after sell out, this will reveal your camels. Will you be lucky enough to mint a God?
  • When will the official Camel Clans Launch take place?
    The official Camel Clans launch will take place on 10/04/2023, with the private sale holders having the opportunity to mint the day prior.
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